Mentorship Is Limited... Apply To See If Any Spots Available

"I'm looking for a few more  


3-Month Full Out Mentorship

  • Build your confidence > so you can be the powerhouse you were always meant to be
  • Gain clarity on your purpose > ​so you can move powerfully into the next chapter
  • ​Stop giving AF what other ppl think > so you can show up authentically online and be your boldest, biggest self
  • Flex your self-love muscles > so you can call in the high vibe relationships, $$$ and magic
  • Prioritize your health > so you can feel good in your body and have the capacity to balance your busy life
  • Learn to be YOU > so you can build the life you want and have fun doing it
  • Connect with women who have similar goals > so you never feel alone

Very Limited Openings - Apply Here Now

Are you tired of not feeling confident, worrying about judgement, and fighting your inner critic? Are you done running from burnout or mediocrity and ready to take your life to the next level?

Let me're

  • Watching other people on social media live the life you want?
  • Scared of voicing your wants/needs/dreams and secretly dying inside?
  • Taking care of everyone else and putting yourself last?
  • Putting on a happy face but on the inside you're unfulfilled and know there's gotta be more?
  • Getting paralyzed by fear of judgment?
  • Wishing you had friends who are positive, goal-oriented and actually *get* you? 
  • Stuck waiting til the perfect time, the perfect partner, the perfect body, the perfect whatever to go after your dreams?
  • Feeling resentful when you said 'yes' but really meant 'no'?
  • Desiring more confidence so you can finally stop comparing yourself to others?
  • Tired of taking online prerecorded courses that don't actually help...YOU

It's ok! You've just been programmed the WRONG WAY to create your dream life. 
There is another way.

listen to what our clients are saying...

"Within the first three months I started performing more, left job I could not stand, tripled my savings... one year later I wanted to quit my job, become my own boss and travel the world.. and I did it in TWO MONTHS.. watch your life change..."
bessie - TRANSFORMATIONAL! I feel like the best version of me!
"I'm more aligned in my vision, I'm a more confident person, I'm a happier person and I have more trust in myself."
LEXI - she has changed my life
"She knew exactly how I needed to see myself in order to step into my calling. Allowed me to clarify my calling, my value as part of my business, friendships, and community. A veil has come off!"

Do you see their results? 
(So many women are buying prerecorded online courses, that just don't work) 

...You need to talk with a real expert that can "prescribe" you what you need to do in order to experience confidence + freedom in your life

...You need one results-driven coach that provides real value to create long lasting shifts with accountability and support

...You need a community of women who are on the same journey as you and will remind you who the f* you are when you forget

...You need clarity on your vision so you know exactly where you're going so you can say no to anything that will hold you back

...You need to release old limiting beliefs and thoughts that are keeping you stuck so you can truly experience self-love, confidence and freedom

...You need weekly accountability to keep you on track, motivate you, course correct, and avoid the top mistakes that most people make when creating their dream life

...You need a coach who gets it, who has been in your shoes and has overcome it all, a coach who sees you at your highest and will compassionately push you beyond what you thought was possible

listen to what our clients are saying...


Mentorship isn't like taking an online course. In a mentorship you'll get expert support that is relevant to your exact life. It's like your personal game plan for confidence + freedom + success!

One 60-minute coaching call per week for 3 months > so you can create time and space for YOU to connect with what you desire most out of life & then support from an expert coach who will teach you how to  increase your confidence and create your dream life.
Access to trainings, workshops, meditations, and journal prompts so you can improve your confidence, flex your self-love muscles and become the powerhouse you were always meant to be while avoiding burnout, comparison, and judgement.  
Get Feedback & Support in your private Facebook Group > so you can take action with a group of women cheering you on! Real time challenges come up? You've got real-time support, when life 'lifes'. You get to have it all, all of the time. 
Clients that sign up for Full Out Mentorship will receive a FREE invitation to Voxer Coaching > so you can continue to receive support outside of our group calls. It's like having your mentor on speed dial. This has proven to be the most profitable feature in this program.

Meet Your Mentor

Meet Sam! 

You're here so it means that you're done not living up to your full potential and are ready to be the powerhouse you were always meant to be.
After Sam woke up to the fact that she was in a lifeless marriage, completely isolated from friends and her passion of dancing, in debt, and miserable with body dysmorphia...she realized she couldn't do it anymore... 

After years of ups and downs and not living her life to the fullest, she finally had a breakthrough... AKA she woke tf up & realized that her life was meant for more.

She did the emotional and spiritual work and discovered her calling to support driven, passionate women become their wild, bold selves so they could have ultimate freedom in their health, wealth and relationships.

What happened when she took ownership of her life and decided to live FULL OUT?
  • She powerfully initiated a divorce and re-opened her heart
  • Healed her body dysmorphia and got into the best shape of her life
  • Returned to her career as a glamorous Radio City Rockette dancing with Jlo, Pitbull and countless others
  • Started her own podcast- The Full Out podcast on iTunes + Spotify
  • Promoted and built a 6-figure business in the network marketing space
  • Became a sought after international speaker + trainer
  • Inspired women to be the biggest versions of themselves by speaking, writing, and living in her truth
  • Stopped giving AF what other ppl thought so she could finally experience FREEDOM
After starting her mentorship program, she enrolled women from all over the world and has successfully helped them become their boldest, most unapologetic selves. 

Now we're opening up a few spots in Full Out Mentorship, a 3-month mentorship for you to finally own your confidence and become the powerhouse you were always meant to be.

Apply for the mentorship on the next page. We're looking for women that are ready to expand the f* outta their life...this year.  

listen to what our clients are saying...


The 3-Month Mentorship designed to help you sky-rocket your confidence, unlock your inner powerhouse, step boldly into your next chapter and stop giving af what other ppl think so you can have it all: health, business, and relationships.

Here's some of what we'll be doing... 

Dive In

  • Define your vision so you know exactly what you want to create and how it feels in your body
  • Create incredible goals so you know who you have to be in order to bring your vision to reality
  • Determine what your biggest blocks are so we can develop strategies to help you overcome your resistance and release what's going to hold you back

Dig Deep

  • Uncover patterns and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back so you can increase your awareness and finally start shifting
  • Release fear, resentment, shame, guilt so that you can begin to experience lightness and become an energetic match for abundance, confidence, and results
  • ​Discover your truths so you can OWN your power, release comparison, perfection, and unworthiness 


  • Develop an unbeatable mindset so you feel energized, clear, committed and ready to create your dream life
  • Sky rocket your confidence with affirmations, energy shifts, languaging and calling upon your personal super powers so you can create everything you desire 
  • ​Take ownership of your voice so that you set and maintain strong boundaries, you call upon support to get shit done, and the real you begins to shine
  • Take bold risks and massive action so that you see the results and impact of your work


  • Prioritize your health so that you feel good in your body and can increase your capacity to have it all
  • Date yourself so you can get massive clarity around what you do and don't want in a partner 
  • ​Open your abundance channel so you can be an energetic match for money honey!
  • Reflect on what is and isn't working so that you can adjust as needed, fine-tuning your voice, thoughts, energy and actions
  • Real-time feedback so you can keep moving the needle forward

listen to what our clients are saying...

How will it work?

You will be on the fast track to freedom which includes: 

  • 1x/Week Group Coaching Call so you can dive deep into what you get to release and have the accountability to keep progressing
  • ​All the support so you need to create real, long-lasting shifts in your life
  • Lifetime access to the members area which includes mindset trainings, workshops, meditations and journal prompts
  • Get Feedback & Support in your Private Facebook Group so you can remain aligned and take action in your life no matter what challenge you're experiencing
  • ​Clients that sign up for 3-Month Mentorship will receive a FREE invitation to Voxer Coaching > so you can continue to receive support outside of our group calls. This has proven to be the most profitable feature in this program

Perfect for you if:

You want to up level and expand your life
You want to release the crap that's been holding you back so you can be the boldest version of you
You are hungry for growth, learning, and are ready to take full ownership of your life
You are willing to do whatever it takes to become the powerhouse you were meant to be

NOT for you if:

You want to complain about why your life isn't working
You aren't willing to dive deep and get radically honest
You are comfortable living a mediocre life
You hope that you can sit back and wait for someone else to save you

Here's everything you are getting when you sign up:


Three months of weekly group coaching so you can learn everything you need to become your most confident, powerful self with support from an expert coach who will teach you how to unlock your inner powerhouse


LIFETIME Access to trainings, workshops, meditations, and journal prompts so you can improve your confidence, flex your self-love muscles and become the powerhouse you were always meant to be while avoiding burnout, comparison, and judgement


Get Feedback & Support in your private Facebook Group > so you can take action with a group of women cheering you on! Real-time support for when life 'lifes'. You get to have it all, all of the time. 

You'll even get some juicy bonuses :)


Access to your mentor in your pocket. It's like having your coach on personal speed dial. One of the MOST profitable features in this opportunity.


Two bonus mini courses! Learn how to flex your self-love muscles so that you can start manifesting the life of your dreams!


Set yourself up for success with vegan non-GMO supplements to add healthy habits to your daily routine for energy, focus, gut health, increased productivity, and overall health!

"Sam, what if this doesn't work for me?"

You have two options: 

Option #1 Stay where you are, hope you can do it on your own, and pray that your dream life creates itself 5-10 years from now.

Option #2 Implement everything I teach you on how my clients and I get shift our mindsets to literally change our lives. You come prepared each week with your completed action steps, you put yourself out there, you set bold boundaries, you begin to live with more confidence, and you start to attract more money into your savings, that awesome new job opportunity, new clients in your biz, that dream partner asks you on a date and you finally stop worrying about what other people are posting on social media.

Option #2 Sounds much more glamorous to me. I know that investing in yourself can be scary but you know what's scarier...looking back on your life and thinking WOW I wish I would've just gone after my dreams instead of wasting all of that time "hoping" it would just happen.

results others are getting...

Lets manifest this...

-You wake up in your favorite place and the first thing you think as you open your eyes is 'I can't wait to jump out of bed, it's gonna be a great day' 

-You roll over and feel immense gratitude for the ease you feel in your body, the inspiration you feel in your heart and the drive you feel in your gut knowing you are in alignment

-You begin your day with your self-care practice that feels juicy, easy, flowing and fun and then you're ready to light up the world with your passion

-You feel alive being able to get paid doing something that lights your soul on fire because you're no longer stuck in that soul-sucking 9-5 job

-You take care of yourself at the gym or the yoga studio and have a new found sense of strength and power both physically and mentally

-You have enough financial abundance to get your nails done and take that vacation with your girlfriends that you always wanted to take

-You have deep, meaningful conversations about things that matter to you with the people you love

-Speaking of love, you're actually IN LOVE and cared for by an epic human being who's in alignment with your goals and dreams

-You spend your free time doing the things that light you up, like taking dance classes, learning Spanish, and spending Sundays at the farmers market

-You finally stop giving AF what other people think about you, your business, your social media, your relationship, your bank account, and you finally feel FREE

-You discover that there is a new way to live life and the one you've been living no longer exists 

results others are getting...


How do I know if I'm ready?
I'm going to be honest, if you're still wondering whether or not you can take control of your mindset and become the person you've always wanted to be...then you're never going to be ready. If you're thinking ok, I'm ready to shift, I'm ready for more, and I'm willing to get uncomfortable, I just don't know how...then this is for you. 

Also, the pricing for this program goes up every single time I open it for enrollment. As I grow, you grow.
When does the Full Out Mentorship start?
The first round will go live February/March 2022. During open enrollment, it starts one - two weeks after you join the program. There are limited spots available, as I want to make sure my clients are getting the attention they need. When you apply but all spots are filled, you will be added to the waitlist and you'll be able to start as soon as space becomes available.
What if I really want to do this but don't have the time or the money? 
Then you are not ready for this program. What would it be like for you to run your calendar, not your calendar running you? What would it be like to own your finances, not have your finances owning you? The truth is, there is never a perfect time to invest...the perfect time was yesterday. Today is all you've got, life is now. And if you're not ready to do whatever it takes to shift your life, I love you, but we probably aren't a great fit. Come back when you're ready!
Will the Full Out Mentorship work for me? 
The work works if you work it. I've had clients with massive goals see shifts in as little as one week, and massive life changes within 6 months, but ultimately it's up to YOU. If you are coachable, follow everything I teach you, put in the work, and are determined to be a new version of will experience growth.

results others are getting...

listen to what our clients are saying...

"I have never felt capable. I've worked through my past and now have gratitude. I'm applying it to my business, just had a masterclass that was amazing, launched my program and had a sales call that went very, very well. I am CAPABLE and I have Sam to thank!"
APRIL - I promoted in my business!
"I'm attracting so much more now...I worked with her while I was losing my mother to cancer...Sam's energy is everything"
JULIANA - it was amazing, so so so helpful
“My life went from here to HERE with self-love, self-growth, clear direction with my future, more confidence in relationships'
"It's transformed my life, how I show up as a mom, as a business owner, and how I show up in my marriage
ERIKA - i have the power to change!
"Gave me the tools to interrupt that negative thought, reframe the thought and the lasting changes she helped implement in my life!'
cheryl - i'm a completely different person!
"Being able to set my boundaries and what I want to do...builds my confidence to make the decisions I'm making.. I'm a more positive person"

more client results...



Sam's presence adds a fierceness that spoke to me since the day I met her. Her ability to coach me through multiple situations in life, love, and business has bee extremely supportive. Her light shines bright, she will impact your life if you're ready.



The kindness and passion Sam has for helping empower and guide her clients provided me with a she space to show up as my truest self! Working with Sam has helped me not only dig deep into my core beliefs but manifest significant changes in miff life. She is a total badass and best in the business.



"SJH is absolutely amazing!!! She meets you where you are, helps you assess where you want to go, and gives you tangible takeaways and strategy to empower you to achieve your goals! Her purposeful sessions, coaching style, insight, and wisdom help in all areas of life!!!


New Jersey

Speaking with Sam is nothing short of uplifting and inspiring. She has an amazing gift of letting you see for yourself what is holding you back and empowers you to move forward with accomplishing your goals. Her passion for coaching is evident as she easily and enthusiastically gives you courage, motivation and inspiration!



Empowering. Motivational. Bada$$. Samantha's workshop pointed me
 in a new direction and opened my
 eyes to what self-love really means. 
Her words of affirmation shifted my perspective on a personal and business level. 


New York City

Sam has been a positive mentor to me and has guided me to see my life and future from an attainable perspective. Her realistic and positive approach to goal setting has helped me during a drastic life shift, and she goes the extra mile to make sure I continue realizing my own potential and worth along the way!



Each workshop with Sam has proven to be a powerful and enlightening experience! First of all, her ability to speak and connect with you on an intimate level makes you feel as if you’ve known each other for years! It is that sensation that makes me feel understood and heard! So important! Through her exercises and guidance I have been able to see my goals and visions more clearly, find comfort in my feelings, and literally feel like a rockstar when I walk out!



 I was able to grow through the pains in life and turn them into something beautiful with the help of Sam’s mindset training. I now embrace fear and actually welcome it. I don’t want to spoil things for you so I won’t go into detail, but Sam’s passion, presence, and understanding through her training helps you move through all the stages of life with a new way of thinking. I’ve changed the way I react to tough situations, the way I speak, and most importantly the way I see myself.



Her presentation facilitates self-reflection and guides one through various exercises that serve as tools to help one realize and reset those thoughts that block a positive and forward motion. As an entrepreneur, I know that mindset is everything. You will leave the workshop with improved clarity to accomplish your goals!

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